At TPC,  we are fueled by the testimonies of those whose lives have been changed by our efforts. Whether it’s providing food for a homeless man, or rescuing a girl from a night of prostitution, we love the stories of life-change as a result of TPC. Below you will find several testimonies of those whose lives have been changed and saved through TPC.

Val was sold into prostitution by her parents when she was a teenager. The men who purchased her brought her to Spain and mistreated her until she conformed to their wishes. For almost 10 years she was prostituted in brothels and on the streets in Spain.  

Our team met her one evening while we were doing an outreach. Since she had been sold by her own family she considered herself an orphan. As she began to spend time with us, she realized we cared for her like a family. This led to her coming to church and deciding to become a Christian.  

Once she realized she had been adopted into our church family she knew she wasn’t alone anymore. This gave her the courage to leave the life she had, finally believing her life could be better. Although it was dangerous for her, she decided to take the steps necessary to start a new life in a safe place. We were joyfully able to help her with this transition and she is now starting her new life.

Ana was very quiet when she first joined the program. She was polite, but never opened up. After a few months, she came to the church office on a day that we didn’t have anything scheduled and just asked to talk. She opened up about many struggles she was facing including living with an abusive man and not having anywhere else to go.

Ana was involved in prostitution because she saw no other way to pay her basic bills. Two weeks later another organization offered her a place in a safe, transitional housing apartment where she was away from her abuser. Now she is off the streets, living in a safe place, and the money she earns from working with us provides for her basic needs.


About a year ago, we met Carmen during one of our weekly outreaches. She was 8 months pregnant and working in prostitution due to extreme poverty. We put together a gift basket for her soon-to-be-born baby boy and she was moved to tears by the thought of someone caring. As we got to know her more she shared with us that she wanted to leave the life she was living and have a better environment for her son to grow up in.

Through some partner organizations and the money that she makes from working in our program, Carmen has been able to start a new life. She has been off the streets and taking care of her son for 9 months now. Every time we have workshops she comes and brings her son for us to love on. We continue to work with her and mentor her.

Sara was the first woman to join our work program. She loves making jewelry and has become very good at it. As she saw the pretty things that she made her confidence in herself grew and she began to believe that she could do great things. She decided that she wanted to leave her life on the street and find a wholesome job.

Sara has now found a job, working in a home caring for an elderly couple. She is now very happy in her new job, off the streets and continuing in our program being mentored and receiving more job training.